Mellors Group announce plans to extend The Pier by hosting an exclusive stakeholder event

Mellors Group will set out its ambition to restore Skegness Pier to its nineteenth century glory and to create a visitor attraction fit for the twenty-first century, helping to create new jobs and attract more visitors to Skegness.

The proposed restoration of the pier promenade and pier head will bring a sense of the natural beauty of Lincolnshire’s wild coast into the heart of its premier resort town, create a new focal point for retail and hospitality trade and enable the creation of a new state-of-the-art visitor attraction.

For four-weeks from July 26th Mellors Group will set up a public exhibition at the pier to showcase their exciting plans, which will see the pier length restored from its current 118m to its original 582m, in the hope the local people and visitors will support the project and will back us as we seek the funding, we will need to make them happen.

We will also host four public drop-in Q&A sessions on 26th July between 8am – 12pm, 4th August between 12pm – 2pm, 13th August between 5pm – 7pm and 21st August 10am – 12pm, to find out what people think of our plans and what they would like to see on the restored pier. There will also be a website where those interested can direct questions and offer their opinions and ideas.

The sessions will be held at Skegness Pier’s new stylish bar, Playa at the Pier and will offer complimentary tea and coffee for the public providing feedback.

We believe that restoring and regenerating the pier, alongside other investments planned along the foreshore and elsewhere in Skegness, can make a big contribution to improving the image of Skegness and attracting more visitors to enjoy a short break or holiday in one of the country’s premier seaside towns.

We also believe that it will benefit the local community and help the government to ‘level up’ by creating more higher-skill jobs for local people, helping to attract more investment, and boosting local pride.

James Mellors, Operations Director with Mellors Group, said: “For way over a century, visitors have flocked to Skegness to enjoy the wide range of attractions on offer at the seaside pier which has been a local landmark and attraction for visitors since its opening back in June 1881.

“Losing so much of the pier to a storm in 1978 was a great shame, a great loss to the town and when we bought it earlier this year it was in the belief that it is our duty to maintain and try to improve it for future generations.

“Our ambition to restore the pier to its original length – and more besides – can regenerate lost heritage infrastructure, enhance an existing cultural asset and provide new public amenity space while creating new jobs and helping to attract more visitors to our favourite seaside town and we hope local stakeholders, local people and visitors will support us.”

For more information, please visit the Skegness Pier Future Page